Thursday, July 17, 2014


Just wanted to share some pictures of our Crop from last last weekend at Crop Connection!! We had a BLAST!
Pam and Debbie packing the back of SUV to go

The Theme was Fiesta!! The decorations and food were fabulous! We won Honorable Mention with our table decorations!! 

Pam Henry, Debbie Flowers, and me

Debbie made us each a shirt with our name on it! They are so cute! Sorry mine is so wrinkled. I got it out of my suitcase to take the picture.

                                          this is just the Teresa Collins door prizes we got!!!!

 the layout I actually finished, I started some but put them away to finish later because didn't have what I needed....can you believe that? with all that stuff I took??
      These are pictures from a rodeo in Progresso, Mexico. Goes with the theme of the Crop!!!

                                                      our scrapping buddies riding the piƱata

nothing like spending time with friends, especially scrappy ones!!!

                      This was the back of the SUV on the way down there...can you find Debbie? 

This is on the way home...

We need to invest in a trailer!!!

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